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Resin Bound Pathways – Good Post Installation Maintenance For Longer Life


If you have just installed your resin bound pathways or if you are planning to install one, then you may want to pay attention to the following factors. You would have made a lot of preparations before the preparations and taken adequate care during the installation. However, what is often missing is the post installation care. This is mainly because most of us do not know what it requires to maintain our driveway correctly to ensure long life of the driveway. 

Before installing your resin bound paving or pathway, you need to make sure that you understand the post installation basics. You need to first know how long it will take to for the resin to set and it would be ready for use. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions the setting time could slightly vary. Find out from the manufacturers how long it will take for the paving or the pathway to set. In case you are using resin bound DIY kits then the setting time is likely to be little longer. When checking the setting time, you need to look for product specific timing as the setting time varies depending on whether it is commercial grade or DIY kit. 

Until the installed pathway or patio sets fully, no traffic should be allowed. To be on the safer side, take a little longer than the manufacturer promised setting time so that even if the setting process is slower than expected due to the environmental conditions you will not run into experience any damages. 

After you have started using the patio or the pathway, you need to make it a point to regularly clean the surface. Regular sweeping will prevent accumulation of dust and debris. Once in a few months washing it with the tap water will help in restoring the original shine of the driveway, pathway or the patio. 

If you are washing the patio or the pathway, you need to make certain that you are not using any harsh chemicals. Using harsh chemicals will corrode the smooth surface of the surface. You do not want to lose the glossy rich look of the resin bound pathways and patios by using such harsh chemicals. 

Oil spills and chemical spills should be cleaned immediately off the surface because if you let the chemicals and oil spills remain for a long time, those areas would be damaged and will start developing potholes. All these are very much within your control and you will not be able to get the best life out of your resin bound driveways if you ignore these basics. Once all these basics are taken care, you will definitely be able to get excellent value for your money as the driveway will last for long and serve its full lifespan. 

Above all, when you are sourcing your resin bound driveways, you must select the best brands in the industry so that you are happy with the overall quality of the product.