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24 Rock Rider ST 900 Kids ’24 -Inch 9-12 Years Bike Mountain – Red

We have designed this mountain bike for 9 to 12-year-olds (135 to 150 cm) who want to practice their MTB skills. The ALU frame and series are set to be lightweight. Quick removal of tire is possible. Front/rear disc brakes: strong brakes in all conditions Fork suspension fork. Leather wall tires a lightweight, with side buttons. The sports chair is fitted with an aluminum chair post for maximum comfort. This bike contains speed controls that are controlled using the thumb and index finger, allowing for smooth transitions between 8 speeds. The single-chain chain and 11-34 of cassette make it easy to move gears and deal with any type of hill. With a single control, you can focus on your trajectory. A chair with a sports design, designed to take care to adapt to the morphology of children. It is incorporated with aluminum seat posts (solid and flexible) for maximum comfort. Two-walled aluminum rims are lightweight and durable. Moving the bike, we made it easy to attach/remove the front and rear wheels. They have a quick-release system. Tires use Skin Wall technology. This procedure allows you to reduce their weight, thus increasing performance, grip, and comfort. Don’t forget you can also use Azadea deals to redeem cool discounts.



Our fellow rowing team has set up this rowing board for a half-day beginner’s journey weighing more than 80 kg. Very wide, it has (34) with a maximum (6) of maximum strength and durability. Dimensions are included in the bag (96 x 40 x 16 cm). It is a variety of landmarks suitable for hiking and small waves. It has strong texture to withstand the impact and construction of PVC. It’s easy to carry water to the present or backpack. Having foam material for comfort and grip. EVA foam handle. A new bag with foam on the shoulders opens easily. It is suitable for up to two people. Maximum load: 320 kg. You can get lower prices for these products by using Azadea deals on exit.