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What type of mosque carpets are widely used?

Islam is a religion that obligates its followers to pray five times a day. Muslims offer five-time daily and their offering needs a neat and clean surface. For the sake of clean lines, Muslim use mosque carpets which should be kept clean. Mosque carpets are said to be a source to get Peace. Muslims are concerned with these carpets . These mosque carpets are also called prayer mat which is found in every Muslim home. There are many types of mosque carpets, and you found in the versatility of designs in quality fabric and colors. Some of them are as follows,

Simple Mosque carpets

These carpets are common all over the world most people like to utilize these simple carpets in their daily offering routine. The Kaaba and Madina design over these carpets make it more beautiful.

Velvet mosque carpets

These mosque carpets provide in beautiful colors and maximum size. The velvet texture of these carpets looks adorable when placed. They are said to be ideal for a gift after hajj or umrah.

Raschel mosque carpets

Raschel Mosque carpets are made of Raschel polyester material. These types of materials provide a soft touch to the surface and provide a friendly environment for the human body. The back of this raschel mosque is made of PVC dots and non-woven fabric which is anti-slippery for the users.

Foldable mosque carpets– This is also one of the types of mosque carpets available in a wide range. These carpets are getting more popular day by day among Muslims.  The Kaaba design makes it more beautiful. These mosque carpets are wrinkle-free and easy to use.

Embossed printed mosque carpets– Embossed printed mosque carpets are unique in style and their beautiful colors with Embossed touch attract the prayers. SA soulful image is created when offering prayers. These carpets are molded proof, and moisture-proof and provide flexibility to prayers.

Moreover, these mosque carpets are available in different sizes. It is difficult to handle and-carry objects in large amounts when people perform hajj or umrah. There are also available pocket-size prayer mats in a new style which are easy to handle even in crowdy places. When want to purchase these carpets, make sure of the durability of the product and materials. All these types of mosque carpets are widely used in Muslim countries. Many companies are associated in this business to manufacture these carpets and now are the well-known names for being the best seller of mosque carpets. They are found in a high range of colors, designs, and fabrics which is the best thing to be noticed when purchasing these carpets. The threads or wool which are utilized in these mosque carpets are always pure and guaranteed. These mosque carpets are easily washable and get dry cleaned and turn out to be new every time. The color of these carpets is guaranteed and will remain the same after many washes.