How Does an Electric Bike Work?

In a first glance, electric bikes appear pretty much similar to normal traditional bikes. One won’t be able to find any difference between these bikes and standard human-powered bikes. Majorly, these e-bikes will have essential parts like a motor, hydraulic brakes, lithium-ion batteries and a throttle. All of these parts when clubbed together will help you to boost yourself uphill effortlessly. 

In this article, we will discuss how electric bikes work and why people are switching to these alternatives today. 

The essential parts of the bike

Most of the bikes come with a combination of features that include rechargeable batteries, a night-light and sleek fenders. These are some of the excellent additions to the bikes but they are not the essential components. 

Let us understand the important components which make these bikes:


While analyzing e-bikes, you will get to know that not all of them are created equal. The most popular motors that the bikes have are the hub motor and the mid-drive motor. The hub motor normally sits on the front of the rear wheel. But something this heavy on the wheel might make the centre of gravity a bit wobbly or make the ride less efficient. Hence, the mid-drive motor is placed in the centre of the bike, which is connected to the pedal sprocket. This keeps the centre of gravity at the centre only. 


Without a battery, the e-bike is just a traditional bike. The battery powers the bike body, which in turn, enhances your mobility. Most of the batteries have an average power of 350-500 watts. The main feature of the batteries is that they are lightweight as well as powerful, which ensures you won’t be weighed down while driving one. 

Frame and drivetrain

Aluminum alloy frames are among the most popular base materials used in the construction of e-bikes. This makes these bikes lightweight, which in turn, increases their efficiency. The spokes are hard enough to not bend or break. Also, it provides enough good performance being strong and easy to work with. For perfect usage of the bike, you can also pick chrome, steel or brass spokes. 


Both electric and traditional bikes have braking systems in them. But as the electric ones are more powerful and fast, the brakes need to be more substantial. Hydraulic disc brakes or rim and cable brakes are the popular picks in bikes. 

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