Lost a Filling? Here is What To Do in Glen Oaks

If your tooth is cracked or has a hole in it, your dentist may fill it to fix the problem. Getting a filling is one of the most common things a dentist does, and it maintains the health of your teeth. What if the filling comes loose, though?

Do not worry. It is okay for fillings to break sometimes, especially with all the bagels we love in New York City! It is okay for fillings to break sometimes; your dentist can fix the issue, so you should consult a dental practice in Glen Oaks, NY. If you just lost a filling, here are the next steps you should take. 

What causes a filling to come loose?

A filling in your tooth can come loose for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most popular reasons:

  • Damage to the teeth around the filling.
  • Chewing too hard 
  • Taking bites of crunchy or hard foods
  • Bruxism (the term for grinding your teeth) 
  • Damage to the root or tooth
  • A chemical process that makes the filling less attached to the teeth 

Is a lost filling a dental emergency? 

Having a filling come loose or fall out is not always a dental emergency. But you should call your doctor right away. Try to set up a visit within a few days to avoid problems.

However, a lost filling can be a dental emergency in some situations, such as when:

  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Unstoppable bleeding

In these cases, you should call your doctor right away and let them know what is going on. Your dentist can tell you when and where to go for emergency care. 

What to do if your filling falls out.

Did the filling come off or come loose? It is important to get a new repair right away, even if it does not hurt. These are the steps you should take:

Get in touch with your dentist.

Make an appointment with your dentist right away if you are in pain, and if you can not visit right away, get help avoiding damage.

Find the filling. 

Find the filling and put it somewhere safe so that your dentist can use it again if everything goes well. If not, they will have to replace it. 

Salt water to gargle. 

This can help keep the area clean and get rid of any leftover food or dirt on the tooth. It will help get rid of germs that could hurt your tooth.

Do not dirty your mouth. 

If you brush your damaged tooth very gently, you can take care of it.

Protect the tooth that is showing. 

Protect the broken tooth from more damage by putting dental wax or temporary filler material on it. Of course, you should remember that this is only a short-term fix until your doctor can fix your filling. 

If your dental filling has come loose or fallen out, schedule an appointment with your dentist right away!