Essential Ingredients for Perfect Birria Tacos

Everyone knows about Birria tacos, or maybe it is better to say that everyone wants to know about Birria tacos, as they have become the culinary highlight of the year. These slow cooked outstanding bowl-luring culinary wonders truly burst with flavors and are super tender. But I often wondered, what can make a birria taco perfect? It might be daunting to attempt to understand how birria tacos are made at this stage, so let me enumerate the elements that make up any taco to a tee.

The Hero of the Dish

Birria usually employs goat or lamb – the latter giving the dish a denser, more potent taste compared to beef or mutton. However, there is an option to use pre-shredded beef chuck roast, which is traditional and easily available and quite a tasty option too. The secret savory is found in the cut – try to take the best marbled meat of your preference for tenderizing after slow cooking.

Slow Cooker Magic

Short on time? Anyone that owns a slow cooker knows that it is their secret weapon in making birria tacos. Just mix up all the braising ingredients and the meat then put it in a slow cooker and the steam does the rest for hours. The result? Juicy, tender, and full of spices to make tacos out of tasty birria during the meals in the fall and winter season.

It’s always good to know what these are and by trying out the slow cooker birria tacos, then you are already leaning towards making the best birria tacos in the market.

The Flavorful Bath

The braising liquid is the heart and soul of birria. Here’s what creates the magic:

  • Chiles: Popular ones are: Guajillo, ancho and pasilla chiles and all add subtle, smoky, earthy and slightly sweet flavor. It is also a good idea to add some spicy ingredients to the dishes, some recipes use chipotle peppers.
  • Aromatics: Onion, garlic, and Mexican oregano are cooked along with tomatoes and give depth and a warm flavor to the sauce.
  • Acidity: Orange juice, tomato paste or apple cider vinegar help to achieve the measure of acidity which complements the full bodied flavor of the meat and chilies.
  • Broth: Light beef broth or chicken broth adds more flavor and tends to create a more succulent braising.

Essential Birria Taco Accompaniments

Birria tacos are more than just the meat! Here are the accompaniments that elevate the experience:

  • Consomé: The tasty residue from browning the meat is a gravy that accompanies the tacos, although in this case the leftover green sauce functions better in this regard.
  • Tortillas: The birria is best eaten with warm corn tortillas, however one can ladle the stew over rice, noodles or have it on its own. Although not necessary, for a more enhanced flavor, the individual pieces can be lightly brown in the remaining fat from the braising steps.
  • Onions and Cilantro: Raw and chopped white onions complement the taco while fresh cilantro also gives it a nice color onion.


By identifying the primary components and considering additional adaptations such as slow cooker birria tacos, then you are set on the path to getting perfect birria tacos. Well, remember all the ingredients, turn on the stove or slow cooker if you are using one, and prepare for one of the most delicious combinations in the world – the perfect birria taco!