Alcohol Detox: What To Expect? Assessment Of The Patient’s Health


When undergoing a medically assisted detox, the first stage is for patients to have a full medical evaluation in order to determine their specific requirements. A professional will collect information about the patient’s medical history and the specifics of their addiction during this evaluation in order to craft a unique Detox to Rehab strategy for them.


A patient’s body will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when the quantity of alcohol or drugs in their system is steadily decreased. People going through detox may have comparable symptoms due to the similarities between drug withdrawal symptoms and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

Dependent on a person’s history of addiction, kind of drug, amount consumed, and overall mental and physical health, the severity and type of withdrawal symptoms experienced are determined by a variety of factors. No matter how many times a person has gone through detox, each time is different. This is true for both the first time and repeat detoxers.


As part of the detox process, patients will be given medicine that is carefully monitored to assist them manage with the withdrawal symptoms. Some medications may help reduce anxiety and despair, promote restful sleep, and combat as many other issues as possible. But no prescription can avoid all withdrawal symptoms.

Availability At All Hours Of The Day And Night

Compassionate and supportive care has been demonstrated in studies to be equally as crucial as medicine in helping people to successfully detox and get the greatest results. As a result, anybody undergoing detox at a Priory facility should expect to be closely observed at all times throughout the procedure.

Is There A Time Limit On Detox?

Detoxification usually takes seven to ten days on average. People’s responses may also differ, and this relies on a variety of circumstances, including:

  • To what extent they’ve been abusing booze and/or drugs
  • Their withdrawal symptoms were really severe.
  • Their health and well-being