7 Top Best Hotel in Bandung for Pleasant Staycation

7 Top Best Hotel in Bandung for Pleasant Staycation

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Bandung is the right city to spend a holiday in. The number of tourist destinations in the city of Bandung makes the growth of hotels in this city increasingly rampant. There are many choices of hotels with prices and facilities that you can adjust according to your holiday needs.

Aside from being a place to unwind while on vacation, a comfortable hotel can also be a fun place to stay. From various hotels in Bandung, here are some hotel recommendations with unique concepts that can be your staycation place.

  • The House Tour Hotel

The House Tour Hotel offers a homey ambiance and makes you feel at home for a long time. This hotel is often highlighted because it has many intragenic photo spots with a unique vintage impression. One of the most eye-catching photo spots in the hotel restaurant is called “The Potting Shed”. Each room in this hotel has a different theme and decoration. So, it’s no wonder this hotel is always crowded, especially by millennials.

Moreover, because of its location in the Ciumbuleuit area, you can stop by many tourist attractions or contemporary cafes that are not far from the hotel, such as Rabbit Town, Nara Park, Miss Bee Providore, and many more.

  • Blackbird Hotel

Blackbird Hotel provides a type of room that other hotels don’t have, namely The Drum Room. This two-story building shaped like a large drum is equipped with complete facilities and a beautiful interior. In fact, before the existence of The Drum Room, Blackbird Hotel was already known as one of the “aesthetic” hotels in Bandung.

As well as the interior of the room, other areas such as the restaurant, lobby, and green land in the Blackbird Hotel area are also desirable, beautiful, and of course, make you feel at home. Especially with the number of rooms that are not too many, the atmosphere feels calmer, so it is suitable for those who need privacy.

Although this hotel only consists of 29 rooms, the Blackbird Hotel is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool. If you stay at the Blackbird Hotel, you can also visit various interesting tourist attractions in Lembang, which you can travel within 1 hour from the hotel.

  • GH Universal Hotel

GH Universal Hotel will give you the sensation of staying like European royalty. Here you will feel as if you are on the European continent. This hotel is located at Jalan Setiabudi number 376, Bandung. It should be noted interiorsphotoshootsareindeedand you need to prepare a budget of around IDR 900,000 per night.

The décor at GH Universal Hotel is made in a classic European style during the Renaissance. The floor is made of marble, so it looks so luxurious to be your photo background. There is also a café on the rooftop with a breathtaking and romantic view like in Italy.

  • Kollektiv Hotel

Kollektiv Hotel is a complete package because it has a cozy atmosphere, affordable prices and is located in the middle of Bandung. Even when you first see the exterior of this hotel, you can already conclude that this hotel is unique. Looking further into the room area, Kollektiv Hotel offers very minimalist room types with futuristic decorations.

Outside the rooms, every corner of the hotel building is dominated by elements of wood and greenery, with a more modern design. This is what makes every corner of the room at Kollektiv Hotel very distinctive and beautiful to capture. In addition to being an ideal place for a staycation, you can also collect an extensive collection of photos with impressive backgrounds.

  • Stevie G Hotel

Stevie G Hotel creates decorations with different themes and concepts in each room. Therefore, each hotel room has a different name. In addition, one of the room themes that are no less interesting is the Liverpool theme. Even the name of this hotel is also taken from the name of Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard. In various corners of the room, you will see various ornaments and decorations related to the team with the Reds’ nickname.

Football lovers, huge fans of one of the world’s leading clubs, Liverpool, then you must feel the sensation of staying at the Stevie G Hotel. If you are curious about what concepts have been adapted by the rooms at this hotel, let’s immediately book your staycation schedule.

  • Tama Boutique Hotel

If you want to stay in a hotel with a Korean atmosphere, Tama Boutique Hotel is ideal. Tama Boutique Hotel is located on Jalan Dr. Rajiman no. 5 Pasir Kaliki Cicendo Bandung. You need to prepare a budget starting from IDR 570,000 per night if you want a staycation at this hotel.

The all-Korean theme is especially evident from the decor, which remains modern, stylish, and chic. There are twenty-four rooms available at this hotel with various facilities that are quite complete, such as a gym, lounge, and restaurant with a Korean theme. This hotel is also very instagramable to share on your social media pages.

  • Summerbird Bed & Brasserie

Summerbird Bed & Brasserie is a hotel with a style that tends to be vintage or rustic. This hotel is located at Jalan Kesatriaan number 11 Arjuna Cicendo Bandung. Staying at this hotel, you need to prepare a budget of around IDR 400,000 per night.

This hotel has a total of 28 rooms. All rooms in Summerbird Bed & Brasserie are designed with French and Scandinavian themed interiorsare certainly very interesting to photograph. Its uniqueness, makes many people make this hotel as a location for photoshoot or pre-wedding.

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.