Yacht and Motorboat Rental in Tenerife and Ibiza

Renting yachts and motorboats in Tenerife and Ibiza offers vast opportunities for sea travel and leisure. It can be an excellent way to make your holiday unforgettable, whether it’s a romantic date, a special event celebration, or a business meeting. Our catalog includes options for any budget, from affordable offerings.

Variety of Offerings

  • “Fjord 36 Xpress” Yacht: An economical choice, perfect for groups of up to 11 people. Comfortable sofas and sunbeds on board ensure a pleasant stay.
  • “Astondoa 40 Open” Yacht: A luxurious option for those who want to indulge. Capable of accommodating up to 8 guests overnight, equipped with all necessities for a comfortable stay.

Advantages of Motor Yachts

  • Speed and Versatility: Motor yachts are ideal for those who value speed and freedom of movement on the sea.
  • Budget Solutions: Options are available for every budget, from economical to luxury.
  • Differences from Sailing Yachts: Motor yachts provide greater speed and independence from the wind.

Motorboat Rental in Tenerife and Ibiza

Assortment and Rental Conditions

  • Diversity of Routes: You can choose from short coastal trips to multi-day sea journeys.
  • Year-Round Availability: Rentals are possible throughout the year, except on days with bad weather conditions.

Features and Choice of Motorboat

  • Variety of Options: Motorboats vary in size, capacity, and interior, including luxury options.
  • Amenities Onboard: TVs, music equipment, bars, kitchens, navigational technology, and other comforts are available onboard.

Rental Process and Pricing

  • Booking Process: Choosing the date, specifying the number of people, and defining the purpose of the trip.
  • Rental Prices: Costs depend on the duration of the trip and the chosen motorboat, with possible discounts for longer rentals.

This information helps to understand the key aspects and benefits of renting yachts and motorboats in Ibiza, making your choice more informed and enjoyable.