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What are the tips on hanging curtains with a valance?

In place curtains are said to be one of the best changes for the interior. It is said to be much more than a piece of cloth. We experience many pros of curtains as it takes good care of your room privacy and helps in blocking sunlight and dust from entering your room. It also gives an aesthetic look to your surroundings and if chosen correctly it adds charm to your space.

When you are looking for your window curtains. Considering valance with curtains is the best idea as it is one of the forms of decorative fabric hung on the upper side of the window.  Window valances are also said to be a window top treatment. There are lots of benefits when you choose a balance with the curtains for your window. They are,

  • The right way for the window treatment is to hang high which is very crucial to give a decorative and elegant look to your room.
  • The second most important thing to consider is the color of the fabric, use the same color scheme for the entire room as it will give a basic graceful look to your room.
  • They are usually used when one needs to hide the drapery hardware and soften up those hard lines.
  • It also improves the look of blinds and curtains.
  • It covers about 2 to 6 inches of the top of the window, it appends the weight and dimension to your window. 
  • Choosing it in the right way with curtains and according to your room is the main area of one’s concern as it gives the illusion of height to your room and beautifies your room at the same time.
  • It adds colors and character to the area where you are placing it.
  • Valance can be used alone but people often use it along with the curtains and drapes to better frame the window.
  • If one is willing to do some interior designing in their house, then choosing curtains with the valance is the great opportunity to put all the good fabric along with the attractive combination of colors.
  • Valances are best for the heavy fabric drapes if you have children at home, they start tugging on heavy draperies that can fall down and suffocate them under heavy fabric.
  • To give a unique look to a room, one can use different shapes of valance. For instance, a boring square window can be made more interesting with a valance with a scalloped or arched bottom.
  • You can also add boxed straight valance that’s installed near the ceiling; it will be a good substitute for an arched or palladium window.
  • There is one renowned type of window treatment people use and that is balloon valances curtain.
  • One can choose it to cover the top 12 to 15 inches.
  • You should consider the overall room décor whilst picking up the fabric color.
  • They are distinctive from other valance because of their way they pouf and give uniqueness and formal look rather than flattery interior, they folded over to the back at the bottom.
  • The color scheme, fabric and style you chose for valence must go with the color of curtains, the theme of the room and the paint on the wall.  As all these factors cumulatively will reflect your taste and state of art.