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How To Find The Best Local Moving Company In Your City

As planning and executing a move is pretty difficult, finding the best moving company for it contributes a lot to the overall stress. Even though your city may have some good moving companies but is in no way possible that you have an idea about their services as well. You can contact some highly reputed movers but there is the possibility that they are out of your budget. You cannot even hire extremely cheap local movers as it may affect the quality of the shifting process. If you’re planning to shift soon, the tips mentioned below will surely help you in finding the best local moving company in Vancouver or anywhere else.

Start with getting some referrals

Gone are the times when people used to look up their phone books or directories to find a particular service provider. The method was very daunting and time-consuming as well. Instead of doing that, you can seek help from the internet, but first, ask the people whom you trust. Your friends, family members, and colleagues can recommend a moving company that they’ve hired or know someone who hired them.

Check the credentials

Make sure that you check the licenses and other credentials of the moving company that makes it legit. You can ask the company’s GST number and ask any professional for the licenses. Some movers operate without licenses for their own benefit and it is better you don’t hire any of them. If you’re about to hire a moving company in Canada, make sure that the company is registered with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).

Contact at least three movers

After getting some recommendations and finding some good movers yourself, shortlist at least 3 of them. You can shortlist them on the basis of their charges, specialty, and ratings. Call them one by one and ask if they can give an on-site estimate. Reject any company that tries to give you an estimate on-call or asks you to deposit some advance. All professional local moving companies in Vancouver or anywhere else will give you an estimate after visiting your place. 

Verify company’s address

When you contact the mover, ask for their business card, and visit the address if possible. This way, you’ll confirm that the company actually exists, and visiting the office will also give you an idea of their professionalism. You can also check if the vehicles used by the company are their own and they’re not hiring the vehicles on rent. Visiting the mover’s website will also give you information about the areas in which the company provides its services.

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