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Tips To Help You Find A High-Quality, Green Runner Rug! 


Runner rugs always provide a ton of beautiful aesthetics for any narrow space in a home, not just hallways. Homeowners today are now placing runner rugs in places like their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers and other tighter areas where traditional area rugs simply don’t fit quite as well. 

This blog is all about helping you find a high-quality, green runner rug, and it’s true that green has become one of the top colors in the entire runner rug industry in recent years. 

And although you might be set on implementing a green runner rug into your home or business, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you’re truly making the most of these décor investments: 

Be Sure To Have Precise Measurements For Your New Runner Rugs 

Even though it may seem rather straightforward in terms of how much space you have for your new runner rugs, it’s absolutely critical to take precise measurements of your area to know exactly which dimensions will work best for you and your décor needs. 

Runner rugs may be small and narrow, but they’re supposed to fill up small and narrow household areas. This is why it’s increasingly more important to ensure the proper size of your runner rugs before making any financial commitments. 

Complementing Your Existing Home Décor 

Although you might already be set on a green runner rug because you believe this color will complement your existing home décor, there are also many other factors that come into play when it comes to developing the types of complements that work best for modern homes. 

There are of course many different shades of green runner rugs that you should compare and contrast, and these days runner rugs come in all different styles. When it comes down to it, make sure that your new runner rugs match your personal preferences and style! 

Runner Rugs Should Be Comprised of a Durable Material 

Another major factor to keep in mind while shopping for a runner rug is the rug’s material, and durability is a huge factor for these rugs because you’re likely to be walking in these household areas on a regular basis. 

A lot of the best green runner rugs developed today are made of wool, but of course wool rugs are rather expensive for a lot of people’s budget. This is why a ton of rug shoppers are switching to synthetic rugs that are made of materials like polypropylene or nylon. 

Choose A Runner Rug Style That Builds Your Space’s Overall Ambience 

There are always going to be many different variations that you can utilize when it comes to improving the spaces in which you’d like to place your new runner rugs. 

The best advice we can give when it comes to this tip is that your new runner rugs should boost your space’s ambience and make it feel more inviting. There’s a lot that runner rugs can do when it comes to functionality, but none of that will really matter if the rug doesn’t give that extra aesthetic boost that your space needs! 

Consider The Runner Rug’s Pile Thickness 

Pile thickness is a major consideration for every rug investment, and runner rugs are no different. Most people don’t want runner rugs with high piles, and this is largely because they can become a bit of a hassle when it comes to doorways and other household formalities.

Our advice when it comes to runner rug pile thickness is to go thin and make sure your rug does it’s job from a functionality and aesthetic standpoint. The odds are that you’re only going to be walking on your runner rugs for a few seconds at a time, so even thinner options will provide that underfoot warmth that high pile options are known for! 

Reach Out To The Green Runner Rug Experts at Rug Source To Learn More! 

Every runner rug shopper needs to keep a whole variety of factors in mind while they’re in the process of making their final decisions, and the above tips are just the beginning in terms of everything you’ll need to keep in mind.

The good news is that there are plenty of rug industry experts out there that’ll help guide you through these tough décor decisions, and the Rug Source experts are available for comment regarding runner rugs by going through the link to their website at the top of this page!