Things to Know When Sending Shipment from China to USA

Shipping from China to the USA is an essential link in international trade. It enables the movement of commodities over great distances.

This procedure uses a variety of transportation techniques, and it is supported by a well-established network of maritime, aviation, and land routes.

These choices provide various levels of speed, cost, and reliability to satisfy various shipping needs.

Whether businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions or quick delivery, understanding the complexities of international shipping of shipment from China to USAallows smooth and seamless cross-border trade between China and the USA.

Types of Freight Services for Shipping from China to the USA

Ocean freight

It is a reasonable option for delivering large shipments of commodities. It strikes a balance between affordability and extended transport times using cargo containers. Businesses with larger shipments and flexible delivery schedules should choose this option.

Sending shipment from China to USA by sea takes about 30 to 40 days. Customs bonds and preparations are required. Factors including weather and port congestion affect maritime freight.

Transit times can be shortened with expedited options, which occasionally compete with air freight.

Things to Remember

  • Less-than-container load (LCL) shipping on the ocean is appropriate for smaller shipments that are not enough for 20′ or 40′ container.
  • Upgrades to full-container load (FCL) may be advantageous for larger LCL shipments to speed up delivery, lower risk, and save costs.

Air Freight 

It offers expedited shipment, ensuring prompt delivery of goods that must be delivered on time. It is suitable for urgent shipments or perishable commodities.

However, it is more expensive than ocean freight because of the shorter travel times it offers. It takes around 8 to 10 days for shipment from China to USA through air freight service.

It is expensive and inappropriate for large cargoes, but it is perfect for little, urgent, and precious goods.

Express Services

Door-to-door shipping options are provided by express services including DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

These services are suitable for e-commerce and high-priority commodities because they are perfect for tiny shipments that need speedy delivery.

The fastest and most affordable method of shipping from China to the USA is by ocean freight. Air freight is the fastest, but expensive mode of shipping.

Postal service or express services provide reasonably budget-friendly solutions with compromises on speed and features. Thus, the best option depends on the products, the money, and the deadline.

Delivery from China to the USA – The Process

Planning and preparation of Documents

Importers identify their shipping requirements, then decide between air or ocean freight depending on the urgency, budget, and size of the shipment.

For customs clearance, thorough documentation, such as the Bill of Lading (BoL), business invoice, packing list, and a certificate of origin is needed.

The transportation is handled by a shipping provider. It’s essential to reserve cargo space in advance, especially during busy times of the year.

Customs Clearance and Inspection

Products are gathered from many vendors and combined at a neighbourhood warehouse or port facility. In China, the customs clearance process begins before departure.

Export declarations are submitted, and customs officials may check products. To prevent any delays or conflicts, documentation must be accurate and complete.

Transportation to Port and Loading

Following clearance, cargo is moved to the specified port where it is loaded. The journey time depends on the freight option selected.

Air freight is quick, but more expensive than ocean freight, which normally takes longer.

Arrival & Customs Clearance in the USA

Shipment from China to USA must pass through customs examination and clearance when they arrive in the USA.

It is crucial to provide accurate documentation, follow rules, and pay all appropriate duties and taxes.

After customs clearance, the merchandise is shipped to its destination inside the USA. Door-to-door delivery is possible using express services or regional logistics partners.

Finalizing Payment and Settlement

The shipping business and other middlemen engaged in the transaction are paid for their services, and transportation costs are also settled.

Due to cultural differences and language barriers, often Western companies face trouble communicating with Chinese suppliers. Hence, seeking the help of a sourcing agent can reduce this hassle.