Read to Know More About Sip Sheets Used in Warehouses

In the commercial shipping sector, the Slip Sheet is a typical packaging material. During material handling process, the forklift attachment is generally used for guaranteeing optimal space use.

These thin, corrugated, solid fibre, or hefty paperboard slip sheets are formed like pallets. In reality, a slip sheet is a certain type of pallet support tool to facilitate product transportation and also vehicle delivery.

Pallet boards, forklifts fixed on the Slip Sheet or flat load-carrying surfaces enable the secure transport of your shipments. Since there is a minimal amount of human intervention, the work is going to be safer, more seamless, and also more efficient.

Slip Sheets also result in better space utilisation, greater cleanliness, less injury, and cleanliness.

Top Industries have also started offering slip sheet forklift to various clients as slip sheets are becoming quite popular these days.

Slip sheet attachments

There are 2 different types of attachments that are used for handling slip sheets.

  1. Push/pull attachment

It clamps onto your sheet and will pull the sheet and product for loading onto the platens. Usually, these platens are wider and thinner forks that are available in different sizes and shapes.

In order to grab and release your load utilising the sheet, a gripper jaw placed at the bottom of your faceplate will automatically close at the conclusion of the stroke and will open at the beginning.

  1. Roller forks

Another attachment is roller forks and these forks have got multiple roller sets spanning across them, which can help to roll the entire load up onto the forks. Such attachment is also used without slip sheets based on the type of your load.

Considerations before giving pallets the slip

Slip sheets undoubtedly have their benefits, but before switching, it is crucial to consider the product as a whole. Here are a few limitations of employing a slip sheet as opposed to a pallet.

  1. Requires special attachments

To handle slide sheets, a foldable push-pull forklift attachment is required. These accessories have grippers for grabbing the slip sheet and platens—flatter than regular forklift forks—that can slide underneath the slip sheet.

Slip sheet loading and unloading are facilitated by one type of roller platens. Making the switch to slip sheets necessitates a large initial investment in these push-pull attachments.

  1. Higher level of operator training

Slip sheet handling is a little more difficult than pallet handling in terms of selection, handling, and depositing. Proper forklift training is essential because the procedure calls for a predetermined procedure and higher skill.

  1. Loads must be unitized

On slip sheets, loose boxes or products do not do well. The cargo must be strapped, shrink-wrapped, or stretch-wrapped to keep it together.

  1. Reduced forklift capacity

The weight of a push-pull attachment will lower the forklift’s lifting capabilities. It is necessary to inform the operators of this capacity adjustment.

  1. Increased service and maintenance costs

Over their lifetime, forklift attachments require maintenance. To reduce repair costs and ensure safe, efficient use, these items should be covered by your planned maintenance.

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