Parental Talk: Should Teenagers be allowed to get a tattoo?

Parents worry about their child’s wellbeing. When kids are young (below 11 years of age), they listen to you and are much more engrossed in playtime. Teenagers are rebellious, and they are always attracted to trouble. Teenagers are prone to making rash decisions like getting on a motorbike or ‘falling in love with every pretty face they see.

There’s a possibility your teenage kid might get a tattoo. Tattooing has some major risks, especially when you get it from an unsafe space.

At the end of the day, tattoos are made with a needle and ink. Is the needle sterilized? Do tattoo artists change the needle before they ink your skin? These are some of the most crucial questions you ought to ask the tattoo artist.

But the biggest question is – should teenagers be allowed to get a tattoo? We can give you some advice here. It’s your decision, really!

Should teenagers get a tattoo?

We have seen many teenagers getting piercings. In fact, in many countries, kids get ear piercings at an early age. The process is safe and the needles are sterilized.

There is no harm in getting a tattoo done if the teenager is above 15 years of age.

It may come across as a surprise, but getting a tattoo does not have major risks provided the tattoo artist sterilizes the needle.

What if your child goes ahead and gets a tattoo?

The legit tattoo places won’t make a tattoo on a teenager without a guardian’s permission.

The guardian should be present during the process. Legit tattoo places like tattoo box shop ask for the identification of the parent. They check whether the guardian is related to the teenager.

Many amateurs would go against these rules and make a tattoo on a teenager without an adult’s consent. If your child got a tattoo made without your consent, you must go ahead and take this issue up with the tattoo shop.

If your child is thinking about getting it done, do not rubbish their demands. Go ahead and check out the tattoo box shop. They will give the details about aftercare. Professional tattoo artists change the needle and show you the fresh one before the procedure.

Speak to your child about their tattoo requirements. Ask them if it’s an urgent need. If they persist, give consent, be present during the procedure, and ensure that fresh needles are being used.