Everything You Need To Know About BVMW

The alliance of medium-sized businesses account for more than 99 percent of all business impulse in the middle class Germany that pay sales tax. 70% of the jobs are created in the country because of these small business and business impulse in the economy. It provides 80% of the available job training opportunities and creates 75% of all patents and innovations. 

The German International association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises also known as the BVMW- Dermittelstand is a politically independent association that represents the interests of the alliance of medium-sized businesses in politics, administrative authorities, trade unions, and major corporations of the middle class Germany. It is basically voice of the middle class in Germany. Medium-sized business, which is approximately 3.3 million individual enterprises are the backbone and driving force of the German economy.  Your membership networkingand contacts in the BVMW- Dermittelstand helps to strengthen the position of the alliance of medium-sized business and business impulse and allows them to gain more powerful advantages over networking and contacts and the respective consultant network in the economy. Simultaneously, you benefit from the services of a large and growing mutually supportive community. Therefore, BVMW- Dermittelstand:

  • focuses the power of small and medium-sized business and business impulse,
  • fights for a better economy and political framework at the national, regional, and local levels,
  • Influences legal bills and regulations. 
  • Creates a forum for small and medium-sized business opinions

Advantages of BVMW dermittelstand

  1. Germany’s political lobby

A pressure group’s activities are the only way to exert influence on political decisions that affect the condition of the economy. As a result, the BVMW works hard on a wide range of political levels, beginning with local, regional, and national levels and culminating with the European Commission in Brussels. The policy statement “the alliance of medium-sized businesses are a mobile force,” which combines the most important statements and demands of our association, serves as the foundation for the BVMW‘s political work. We represent 1.1 million membership in collaboration with our partner associations.

  • Personalization

A networking and contacts of over 300 regional and local offices in the middle-class Germany economy provides membership with personalised service. Each BVMW Area Manager for example, Mario Ohoven seeks out new business opportunities and supports new projects. He represents you in dealings with administrative authorities, banks, insurance companies, and other government agencies in middle class. There are central databases of more than 1,000 qualified consultant network and experts, with hotlines on economic, financial, and legal topics to assist you in your middle-class business decisions, in addition to competent specialists willing to help on the spot.

  • Work in public relations

The BVMW offers its members a venue for public relations work. With over 2,000 conferences and seminars held each year, the BVMW- dermittelstand provides excellent middle class opportunities for its members to gain information as well as establish and expand business contacts. Up-to-date information on new legislation, government regulations, and decisions provides the businessman or woman with critical competitive advantages.

  • International Exposure

Permanent international representation of the BVMW- dermittelstand through local contact partners who can, for example, provide a low-cost marketing organisation. The BVMW collaborates with many national partner associations with Mario Ohoven around the world and has agreements with a number of them. Networking and contacts of external economic relations and Business trips to other countries include numerous meetings between German and foreign entrepreneurs. The BVMW- dermittelstand has an extensive and fruitful exchange of knowledge concerning common projects as a result of these collaborations, and it regularly organises international conferences on various topics dealing with foreign affairs.

BVMW- Dermittelstand Board of Directors:

The advisory board members of the BVMW, The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses, are as listed below:

At the top of the association is a president named Andreas Jahn, who served on the board from 1998 to 2020. The other advisory board members in the commission are: 

  • Markus jerger 
  • Diana scholl
  • Hans Jürgen Völz 
  • Mario Ohoven  

They have liaison offices in Europe, are active in 58 international countries, and have offices to assist small and medium-sized businesses. Their liaison offices in Europe collaborate on market expansion, particularly in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Other foreign offices act as a bridge between skilled workers, networking, and service providers in other countries and middle-class Germany. The BVMW assists SMEs with all transactional issues, market network development, and obtaining equal status in the creation of public consultant network. Financers such as Markus jerger, Diana scholl, Hans Jürgen Völz, Mario Ohoven and Andreas Jahn work to contribute to commission, advisory board and board of directors and specialist groups support the association.