What Were The Cutest Anime Figures In 2021?

  1.  Kanna Kamui

After a huge tragedy of fire, Kyoto Animation didn’t give up and returned in 2021 bringing the second season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Kanna Kamui is the overall tritagonist in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She is based off of the Ainu Kamuy (goddess) of thunder and lightning, Kanna Kamuy. She is a little girl with long white hair (purple in the anime) that is split into two ponytails with three large beads on top. She has four dragon horns and a long, thin tail that ends in a small ball of hair that conducts electricity. She is free to hide her horns and tail to blend in with humans. Typically, she wears a thigh-length dress, similar to that traditionally worn by Ainu, leading her to be called Goth.In this anime, her behavior is held all like a cute little animal. So many people like to wear her Anime Halloween Costumes. Does this indicate a law —- characters who can discharge are very cute (just like Pikachu).

  • Platelets

Hataraku Saibou, also called Cells at Work, has taken over the anime fandom by storm. In the real world, Platelets are the tiniest cells in the circulatory system. However, they’re a very vital part of the body as they have the job of fixing any type of injury that the body gets. As well as in the series, they’re not only the hardest workers in the entire system, as every time we see them they are doing building and construction work, however they are likewise the cutest as they do this while looking like a team of kindergarteners, not older than 6 years old.

It is impossible not to love the Platelets. Every person, both in-universe as well as out of it, intends to hug them the moment they go into the scene. Well, unless there’s an emergency situation where one would certainly believe the Platelets ought to be as away as possible from the threat area yet rather, these youngsters swarm there in order to save the body and shield all the adult cells. They’re take on and dedicated which just makes them cuter.

  • Nezuko

Nezuko Kamado is the deuteragonist and main women character of the dream horror manga (and anime) collection Devil Killer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and also its stage adaption. She is a kind and also caring lady that looks after her family, frequently assisting with chores around the house. However after transforming into a Demon, she sheds the majority of her memories pertaining to the household. Generally coming to be a lot more separated from human feelings while still being able to smile and cry. Her solid determination continues to be also when she is no longer a Devil, shown when she willingly leaps before Inosuke to shield him from her own sibling, who had actually become a Demon as well as was attempting to kill those around him. Though she might have been killed, Nezuko did not hesitate. Many people are attracted by her many cute behaviors in the anime and like her Demon Slayer Costumes very much.

Sometimes cuteness can be a bit subjective. But in general, most people have a similar definition of cute. Cuteness can be on the outside, it can be in character, and it can even be on the inside. The three introduced above are the cute characters in 2021 anime, do you have any other favorite characters? Please let us know below.