The best tool for receiving seductive protos

One of the latest achievements in the AI area is the ability to undress a girl in photographs. The new product arouses a lot of interest among young people. A new neural network called allows you to remove clothes from photographs of undressing girls using artificial intelligence.

A short story of DeepNude creation 

Many years ago, an anonymous programmer created DeepNude, an app that uses a neural network to “remove clothes” from women’s photos, creating a realistic image of the naked body. The application only works with women’s photos – if used on a man’s photo, it can “paint” a man’s female sexual characteristics.

The DeepNude project was launched as a website that demonstrates the simplicity of the technology and allows you to download an application for Windows or Linux. It is noted that the journalists themselves tested the application on dozens of photos – it works best with those photos where the woman is already partially naked (for example, posing in a bikini).

The best tool for undressing girls’ photos

Compared to DeepNude, the Nudify application we want to talk about can quickly get rid of any item of clothing. You can upload any photo and, step by step, remove the clothes, leaving only some elements or choosing a completely naked image. You can use the app to make yourself look skinny or highlight certain body parts while maintaining realistic proportions and shapes.

The nude celebs application is advanced, but for realistic nudes, you need photos of girls in lingerie and close-ups – it doesn’t remove loose clothes well. But you can test it for free, + there are favorable rates. When you order clothing removal through the Nudify app, you can be sure that the photo you receive will meet your requirements. Your photos will be ready according to the selected deadline.