Rosin Pressing Tips

Rosin pressing is extremely helpful if you are looking for good-quality extracts. You can enjoy your cannabis material with more flavor through sasquash rosin press. To make the process more efficient, here are some tips.

  1. Choose plant material that is harvested 3 to 5 weeks before pressing. These plants provide the best yield and quality for extracting rosin. 
  2. Make sure that there is 62% relative humidity near your plants. Sealing the herb in enclosed containers that do not allow air to pass through it is essential. Keep them in the dark area with a humidity pack. Make sure to give them at least two days to reach the optimal humidity levels. Try closing and opening them once or twice daily to provide air before sealing them again. 
  3. Use pre- pressing molds for compacting your starting substances. Make sure the substances are already grinding or broken up before you start. 
  4. Make sure to use a filter bag for reducing good quality extracts as they eliminate contaminants from the plants and store only the rosin for consumption. If you do not use them, your rosin may be poor in quality. However, avoid stuffing too much substance inside the bag as it can lead to a reduction in yields and cause the bag to blow out. 
  5. Use pucks and place them inside filter bags with folded sheets of parchment paper. Make sure to give spaces between the sheet and puck so that the parchment paper does not get torn while the rosin gets pressed. 
  6. Try using materials like nylon mesh for your filter bag rather than stainless steel or polyester. Using stainless steel can lead to scratching of Pressing plates and reduce the yields. On the other hand, polyester material starts shrinking under heat and blows out. Nylon bags are helpful in terms of durability and expansion without any blowouts. 
  7. Filter bags can be used only once. However, they can be reused if you press the same substance for the second or third time. 
  8. Use fine filter bags made of mesh material for fine substances like Kief, bubble hash, and dry sifts. 
  9. If you press your material at a temperature ranging from 160°F to 190°F, you will achieve a product with batter-like consistency with malleability and terpene. However, the yield would not be good at such a temperature. 
  10. If you press your material temperature ranging from 190°F to 225°F, you will achieve a product with sap-like consistency. However, the yield would be higher as compared to other temperatures. If you go above this temperature, you will notice a significant reduction in terms of quality and Terpenes in your Rosin.