Always Order Your Thread Gauges With Calibration Certificate

Have you set up a new component manufacturing unit and as a part of the production process are you required to manufacture threaded components? If yes, then the accuracy of all the threaded components that your manufacturer has to be established. If you do not inspect the component’s accuracy then you will send out a flawed product to your customer. It will not only ruin your reputation but it could also possibly put people at risk when they use or install the component that you manufacture. 

In order to ascertain the accuracy of the measurements of the threaded components and in particular the threads that you tap in your facility, you need to make use of the required inspection tools and only after the inspection of such components they should be given a green signal to pass the quality check. 

In the above context a few important factors have to be kept in mind. First of all, you need to get the right type of thread gauges. You may need to order custom ACME thread gauges or NPT thread gauges from a carefully selected manufacturer. When you start looking for the right manufacturers, you would notice that not all manufacturers are ready to take up custom orders. You need to first spot a really dependable thread gauge manufacturer in good time and in the process also establish that they are ready to provide you with a third-party calibration certificate. 

It is important to obtain a third-party calibration certificate for your NPT thread gauge because this ascertains the accuracy of the thread gauges that you get. If you have custom thread gauge requirement, you need to find a company that is capable of meeting your requirements with the highest level of precision. The calibration certificate is to ensure 100% accuracy or else the reliability of the measurements could be really low. Do not leave room for such issues. Do not take chances when it comes to the accuracy of your inspection tools. The inspection tools are meant to find flaws if any with your components. If the inspection tools themselves are flawed then you cannot possible sure of the overall quality of your product. 

Do not work with any company that is not ready to give you a calibration certificate. If you want third party calibration certificate for your thread gauges then you may have to order them initially as they will not be able to produce the calibration certificate after the thread gauges are shipped. Understand these procedures before you order your thread gauges. Each manufacturer will have a different timeline and formalities. So, each time you switch to a new manufacturer, you must have this factor addressed so that all your thread gauges come with calibration certificate. If you do not demand right at the start, your thread gauge manufacturer will not be including it. You may need to pay an additional fee for the third-party calibration certificate for your thread gauges.