Few Safety Tips To Know If You are Shipping Horses

Horses are very useful animals and can run a very long distance, however, if you need to send your horses to a different city or a country then you cannot afford to ride the horse to a particular destination. In such a situation, you have to think about some ways to ship your horses safely to their new place.

Also, horses are not a car or tractors but living things, and hence you have to consider their food and hygiene when they are transported to a different location. Ship a Car, Inc. can assist you and provide you with the necessary arrangement for shipping a horse trailer to your new destination.

Why Ship A Car can be a better option for horse trailer shipping

  • Care

You may transport your horse trailer to any place and SAC will take care of all the details necessary for you.

  • Cost

The cost of transportation may vary based on your type of move, how much distance to travel, and a few other factors. On an average, it will cost you somewhere between $0.75/ mile to $3/mile.

  • Insurance

All fees, taxes, insurance, and also fuel charges will be accounted for and the best quote will be offered to you and there will be no unwanted surprises later.

The following are a few important tips that will help you to ship your horses safely.

  • Ensure you hired a safe trailer

You cannot compromise on the safety of your animal and must ensure a safe trailer after doing enough research and obtaining feedback from many people who availed of the service before.

  • Keep emergency medical supplies

Having all the necessary emergency medical supplies meant for your horses is also another very important safety consideration that many people often overlook.

  • Ensure that the head of the horse remains fully inside the trailer

Horses must be comfortable within the trailer and hence it is necessary to open vents and windows for keeping fresh air always flowing through and built-up heat must escape from trailers.

  • Ensure that the legs are safely and securely wrapped

Wraps and shipping boots help protect the legs of your horse, if they lose their balance when loading or unloading, or if they fall off a step or ramp.

  • Avoid tying your horse by using a chain shank

Save your chain shank for when you are on the other end of the trailer or to your trailer or anywhere else.

  • Use a certain loop of bailing twine

When it comes to tying your horse in or to any trailer, always use a bailing twine loop or a quick-release device.

  • Keep yourself safe too

We all want our horses to be safe, and it is easy to get often caught up in striving so hard that we forget about the other vital side of the equation: keeping ourselves safe as well.

Of course, these are not the only safety precautions to consider before loading up and heading off. However, they are simple steps you can take to help your horse get to his destination safely and return home safely.